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Phalgunn Maharishi is an independent music composer, music programmer, singer, sound designer and lyricist born in Mysore, Karnataka, India on 21st February 1990. He has completed his Graduation in Commerce and also has a Diploma in Advertising Management and now pursuing his MBA in Event Management. He plays Guitar and Keyboard and has studied various forms of music from Western Classical to Indian Classical to Pop-Rock, Pop, Hiphop, etc. His noted works include singles like ALARM - Wake Up Guys, Namma Dasara, etc and background scores for short films like Frame, Closed Doors, Jolly Ride, Hellavator, etc.

I am an independent Music Composer, Music Programmer, Singer, Sound Designer and Lyricist. I play Guitar and Keyboards and I am into all genres of music but mainly into Pop Rock, HipHop and Bolly.

Music Composing, Music Programming, Singing, Sound Designing, Poetry.

Music Composer - Music Programmer - Singer - Sound Designer - Lyricist

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    Mysore, Karnataka India
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  • These youths fight corruption via music

    As the anti-graft movement reached its zenith, 22-year-old Phalgunn Maharishi, who is passionate about music, hit upon the idea of producing the video.Publication: Times Of IndiaDate:
  • Dasara song promises to get youth rapping

    The music has been composed by Phalgunn Maharishi and sung by Sheetal KP, Arpita MS and Apoorva Somaiah.Publication: Times Of IndiaDate:

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