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Peter Kuhn, currently 21, has been songwriting from the age of 16. His first single "Shes My T.H.C." was a popular local hit. During his times in college, a few other songs such as "Something In The Air" and "So Last Semester" were popular around his college scene. He attended Monmouth University, where he performed many shows for the University for special events and for organizations. After facing some troubled times in New Jersey, he currently studies at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. He plays local shows around Boston and greater Boston and has released a short 9 track album titled "No Redemption" where you can find on iTunes. Peter is always looking to improve his singing and songwriting and believes that creativity is inspired from the inner child that thrives within all of us. You can find many of his original songs online by searching the keywords "Peter Joseph Acoustic".

Fresh acoustic originals to set your soul on fire.

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