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Marco has been acting since he was a child, mostly mimicking artists and actors, but it wasn't until 12 that he took to the stage with his debut performance. Since then, he has performed many different roles in plays, short films, and even a web series. Marco has formal training in acting and received a Bachelor of Arts at McGill University, Majoring in English Literature and Minoring in Drama & Theatre. He is a member of the McGill Improv team and hopes to become a film or voice actor.

I've been acting in plays since I was 12, and have always had an interest in it. Now I do the occasional short film project, and have even been part of a web series called Geeks Underground ([url][/url]). I've even done some voice-work for plays.

Acting, writing, weight training, having deep and/or memorable conversations with my friends, video games.

To have a memorable performance.

After months of not writing, I finally have something up. Take a look. :)

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    Phone: 323-309-9236
    4050 Sequoia StreetLos Angeles 90039 United States
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