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Partnaz in Crime, the dynamic duo, Ruckus [Cedric Camargo, 27] and Blaze tha Menace [Justin Crowe, 26] have been rapping together since middle school, but never performed under the name Partnaz In Crime until 2009 when Ruckus won a rap contest and Blaze had always played his Hype man and vice-versa so they took on the name PIC. Together the duo have release one mix-tape titled You Kno Tha Name.
Ruckus was born in Saginaw, MI but moved to Marion, OH shortly after. He grew up listening to the likes of ICP, Esham, 2Pac, Eminem, and several other artists, but Ruckus' biggest influence is Bone Thugs-N- Harmony. After moving to Marion he started rapping and then met Blaze. Never forgetting his hood roots Ruckus is known for his versatility, whether it be the rapid fire flow of the Midwest or the Slow Flow of the South. Ruckus entered a contest “The Hip-Hop Playoffs” in Marion, OH at what is now known as Club Polish. The Playoffs lasted two days and you're advanced after a crowd response. After two grueling days, Ruckus over swept the crowd and became the winner. Ruckus is currently a Manager in the food industry and understands the importance of money, but also dreams of becoming signed to a label and doing what he loves as a career. With one EP under his belt Ruckus is gaining recognition for his hard work. He is currently working on his second mix-tape, Ruckus: A Legitimate Threat • The Prequel.
Blaze tha Menace, the 26 year old Veteran currently resides in his birthplace Marion, OH. Blaze was influenced as a teenager by the 90s Hip-Hop movement that slowly took over the industry. Labeled the “family man” of the duo, Blaze has one child and a wife, which doesn't slow down his drive as a music artist. Blaze has one mix-tape titled Arrival of the Menace, which featured Ruckus on 5 of 11 tracks. Blaze is known for his unexpected stage presence and his unique sound. Even though he puts his family first there is no slowing Blaze down as a music artist and with goals of signing to a Major label this makes Blaze a very dangerous artist.
Partnaz In Crime is gaining reputation in the central Ohio area, opening for artists such as Glasses Malone, Potluck, Project Borne, J Hornay, and King Gordy. In December of 2011 PIC headlined their first show with rising California independent artist Hopsin at the Alrosa Villa, which turned up over 600 in attendance. With amazing stage presence and a unique sound, PIC has gained recognition from local promoters and media outlets. They are currently focusing all their time on colabing with other artists and promoting their music to cities around central Ohio while also performing at different venues around the mid-west. You can keep track of PIC's current music, and future projects on twitter @partnaz1ncrime or on facebook. #teamrollwithit

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