One Voice


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One Voice is a 16-minute short produced by City View Productions in Burlington, Vermont. The film tells the story of Alex, a middle school bully who teases Eric, questioning his sexuality. Later that night, Alex is encountered by three “visitors” who try to persuade Alex to change his ways before it's too late.

  • City View Productions

    Phone: 802-490-3757
    2120 South RoadWilliston, Vermont 5495 United States
    • Vermont International Film Festival

    • Tallgrass Film Festival

    • Big Apple Film Festival

    • Out in the Desert Film Festival

    • Louisville's International Festival of Film

    • "Ready for Hollywood"

      Roll out the red carpet. A local film production company is screening its first film in Williston next week. Formed by Williston residents Debbie Ingram and Joel Klein, City View Productions ultimately wants to create feature-length movies in Vermont. The company's first movie, "One Voice," is a 15-minute film that will serve, in Klein's words, "as a calling card movie in a sense that people will be able to see what we can do."...Publication: Williston ObserverDate:
    • "City View Shines Hollywood Light on Williston"

      One likes the Red Sox, the other roots for the Yankees. One is an ordained minister, the other an atheist. One prefers cats, the other dogs.Yet for all their differences, Debbie Ingram and Joel Klein share two interests that allowed them to enter the film production business together: liberal politics and a love of producing movies...Publication: Williston Observer

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