Josh Nielson


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I am a multi-trade remodeler/artist/musician/jack of all turned photographer-videographer-amazing ghetto chef-graphic/web designer. I love all things art-learning and existence! I live a city life in my head while my body resides in a notso-dredge?! If you are true of heart and mind we will have no problem conversing and collaborating. Thanx for stopping by and keep an eye out because things change rapidly around these neck of the woods.

To get my endeavors to the masses and bring my friends along!

SomethingcompleX-Rainy days off-Weapon play-U.F.C-Food/Cooking-nerdy comic book/cartoon stuff-The Animal Kingdom-progressing at every angle-making sushi-catching a medicinal soul lubricating buzz-electronics-photography and networking!!!

On a day like today and a night like tonight the stars all flicker and shutter within the same spectrum of life..Poly rhythmic insinuations collide amongst the falsetto's implied vibrato..surfing waves through silicone circuits and drones faded and tattered memories of preprogrammings lost laugh love learn die crust roll over and burn..tomorrow may never come yesterday may never really have been the future is the presents projected path..a marionette with a dark and infinite grin?!

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