Nella Cutlery & Food Equipment Inc.


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Recognized today as Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment Inc., Nella Cutlery was founded in 1952. With strong knowledge and reliability, Nella Cutlery is providing an affordable, wide range of name brand culinary equipment to franchises, hotels, restaurants and many more throughout Toronto and neighboring towns. With a strong network of the finest designers, consultants and trades people, Nella Cutlery always has the customer in mind.

Open five days a week, Nella Cutlery offers a daily-stocked facility in downtown Toronto. The store carries’ majority of warehouse items, and provides a test kitchen. Most impressively, is the 80,000 sq. foot warehouse and showroom located in Mississauga. Known as one of Canada’s largest “in stock” suppliers, Nella Cutlery has every need for the back of the kitchen to the front of the house. Daily, a group of 15 trucks deliver sharp knives to restaurants, helping increase productivity and safety. Nella Cutlery has 20 trucks driving around the GTA, offering full service, including, delivery, installation, service calls and repairs.

Nella Cutlery & Food Equipment Inc.
1255 Fewster Drive
Mississauga, ON L4W 1A2
Phone: 905-823-1110


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