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Natori Blue is an established Christian singer/songwriter and speaker from the small town of Hearne, TX. Now, a resident of Austin, TX, she has traveled around the U.S. using her gifts to inspire others. Her latest endeavours include commanding the BMI-sponsored stage for the widely acclaimed SxSW (South by Southwest) festivities in Austin, TX in March 2013.

She recorded her first album, live, in September of 2011, and she says she'll never forget a bit of feedback she received from an audience member: "This was the first time I walked away from a concert, a changed person." She credits the power that people claim to hear and feel when she sings, to the gifting power and presence of God.

After releasing her first single, entitled, "He Loves You" in December of 2009, she released the complete debut album, "Long Live the King: The Live Experience," which has led to some national exposure. Her ultimate goal is to use her singing, songwriting and speaking abilities to bring others to Christ from all over the world: "The more [people], the better!" she always says, "I live for this assignment."

-University of Texas @Austin Grad

music, playing basketball, peach cobbler :)

Natori wants to stand before as many people as possible, as a witness to Jesus Christ.

Servin' an Incredible God...Expectin' Incredible things!

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