Natasha Selskaya


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In the Crimean resort town on the karaoke, was seen an unusually attractive girl with an amazing voice, which is (very close to the originals) sang songs by various international artists. Almost immediately she was invited to play in a nice restaurant. As a result of listening to it turned out that Natasha has a chic range of voices. To work in the restaurant it took. It seemed that his career develops well as began to receive various offers ... But suddenly there was a necessity for an indefinite time to abandon the tour - and this early in his career ... Personal circumstances are such that the singer-nuggets had to work at the restaurant for almost ten years ... But the one who knows Natasha knows her cheerful cheerful and very creative. It is working in a restaurant Natasha wrote her first song in English and Russian languages. Excellent pupil high school, graduated with a gold medal, with the help of admirers of the singer makes a studio apartment, which records his first collection of "Sweetheart" in 2009. Now the star is preparing to record a new album NO STYLE NUMBER ONE with the rock group NAOBOOM.

I'm Natasha - girl from the Black Sea coast.. and singer the rest of my days.
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Music, People, a movie, my beautiful dog ... nDO GOOD!

1. Become a real person.n2. Travel the world and make a lot of good.nn(Earned money to invest in charitable projects..nfor people and animals.)


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