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These Songs are recorded LIVE!

Raised on Rock and Roll. First Played a JUNO-106 when I was still pooping my diaper. First band was punk rock. Played the drums in 8th grade dance (first show). Played drums in Hardcore Metal band for 3yrs. Began writing music on Fruityloops in 2000.

Had written 35+ albums by 2005. Disk Drive failed, lost all data. Played with Strange Arrangement on and off for 7ish years (2009). Began buying music equipment in 2008 in order to create as much music without a computer as I can stand. I'm not too impressed with the non-use of a computer and I am most likely going to pick up the mouse again, mostly due to the dynamics that are so easy to create on screen.

No computer was used in these songs at all.

Gear consists of: Rane Mojo EQ (single space), dbx 266xl compressor/gate, Alesis midiverb 4, Novation BassStation, Proteus/2 XR, Roland mc505, Korg MicroKorg, JUNO-106, Future Retro Revolution, Korg Electribe ESX-1 (russian tubes), Korg Electribe EMX-1 (russian tubes), Moog Concertmate MG-1, Korg DDD-1, Art Tube Preamp MP...

To make songs easier to play live, and play a couple clubs. Have videos made and integrate the videos into the live show. Possibly work with some other musicians to write music. Goal: "Do not tour. Touring is the new posing." ~Nathaniel

Marketing, SEO, Science, Reading, Opposing Views, All Music, Analog Circuitry, Older Movies Editing Styles, Comic Books, Business Practice, Video Games, Nintendo (NES), JUNO-106, HTML & CSS Internet Languages, Cars, Art, Digitalism, Religious Views (rarely).

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