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Theresa "Ms. Reign" Taylor has spent the past six years honing her craft as an audio engineer while working with live bands, hip-hop and r&b artists. She has earned a reputation as a "techie" with an ear for what works creatively. More than a recording and mix engineer, Ms. Reign assists clients with budgeting, promotion and artist branding without ever losing the focus of the overall creative vision of her clients.

In addition to her extensive knowledge of Pro Tools HD and LE systems, she is also an advanced operator of the SSL 4048 E/G, Neve VR 60 and API 2488 consoles. She regularly creates FLV. videos for clients, using Avid’s Pinnacle Video Spin. She is ready, capable and willing to take on your project next.

Producer, audio engineer, poet and recording artist, Theresa "Ms. Reign" Taylor brings to the game a fresh new spin on hip hop. Called "The next Missy Elliot", she takes no shorts on her tracks or in her work. Find out more about Ms. Reign @

Music, sports and you!

To use music to encourage and inspire a generation filled with hopelessness.

New music from Ms. Reign produced by Just Blaze

  • Ms. Reign Productions

    Phone: 240-543-7174
  • Everythang my Homie-Alias ft. G

    "Mommie got skillz, luv how u didn't over power tha vocals, to force your track up front....That screams producer! "Publication: Hyperone Date:

    "Some of the hottest beats on the site by far..... "Publication: Dave DirtyDate:
  • All I Need (beat)

    "sounds like you poured your soul over it...I really like the synth work, it has a simple seduction about."Publication: Anamoly JDate:

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