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Mr. Mystoris has been entertaining young and old alike since 2001. In that short time he has gone from completely unknown to the most talked about magician in the Concord/Charlotte area. Mr. Mystoris has earned the 'Houdini' award, produced three DVD's, been asked to perform for the NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats as well as the minor league baseball team the Kannapolis Intimidators, placed 1st in a school-wide talent show in 2007, performed at Circuit City during Black Friday, Concord Family Diner, Concord Public Library, Embassy Suites Hotel and Resort as well as Afton Ridge during "Get Out and Play Day" just to mention a few of his acheivements. He combines magic with mystery and the mix of comedy to leave you with a very unique show. Mr. Mystoris is a magician without smoke or mirrors. He believes that the ability to do what seems impossible doesn't come from hours of practicing complicated sleight of hand but rather from inside a person. "The thing about magic is that you have to believe it is here all around you otherwise it just stays invisible to you." says Mr. Mystoris.

I want to take my magic around the world and spread the happiness that people feel when they see magic.

Magic, Stand-up Comedy, Writing poetry, Writing stories, Writing movies, Directing, Editing film, Playing chess, Acting, and Working out, Listening to music.

Even the IMPOSSIBLE says: I'm possible.


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