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There are a ton of talented acts taking their swing at the southern music scene at the moment. However, one group in particular has recently made a headfirst splash in the local Little Rock music scene. Flint Eastwood is an Indie/Hip-Hop group composed of Rapper/Singer Malik Flint, Guitarist Marcus Meier, Drummer Philip Cottingham, Bassist Tyler Inmon, and Synth/Keyboardist Jon-Michael Harper. Flint Eastwood brings a fresh sound to a sometimes lackluster music scene with a completely new vibe to today's music. To put it simply, Flint Eastwood is "Rock/Rap". Though this genre left a bitter taste in some mouth's in the late 90's and early 2000's, Flint Eastwood dares to take this sound into a completely new direction. Taking influence from bands and artists such as Kid Cudi, Big K.R.I.T, Beach House, Rage Against The Machine, The Roots, Tool, and more, their goal is to turn the current music scene "on its damn head." Being together for nearing a year, FE has managed to open up for artists such as, Asher Roth, K.Flay, Big K.R.I.T, and Slim Thug, pulling in crowds of more than 300 people. From their original music to their creative covers of everything from Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" to Waka Flocka's "Hard In the Paint", they know how to keep their audience tuned-in and fully entertained.

In 2009, guitarist Marcus Meier formed an ambient rock band, Inner City Lights, with drummer Philip Cottingham. Not long after falling through with label Rise Records, Inner City Lights begins to unravel, subsequently separating in mid 2011. All four members went their separate ways, however Meier and Cottingham kept in touch, playing in various side-projects over the next few months.- Meier, w
hile substituting at his old high school, comes across an ambitious 18 year-old student from Colorado by the name of Malik Flint. One day discussing music, Flint informs Meier that he is in need of a guitarist and a drummer for an upcoming hip-hop gig with his then rap group, Weekend Warriors. Meier decides to call up drummer Philip Cottingham about the gig, and they both agree to sit in and feel it out. Following that show, Flint and Meier have a few writing sessions, and Cottingham comes in to play some percussion. In need of a bassist, Meier contacts his cousin Tyler Inmon. After playing one show on some restructured tunes that Flint had produced himself, the band decides a keyboardist may add the extra dynamic their sound is missing. Inmon thinks his former band mate Jon-Michael Harper will be a perfect fit, and within a few weeks, Flint Eastwood is formed.- Members of Flint Eastwood vary in age from 20 to 26, and all members come from different musical backgrounds. Flint Eastwood creates a sound that is fresh and yet familiar to all crowds.

Creating moments.

Being one of the most creative groups in the game .

Mastered tracks are done! Sent the art off last night to get the CD packaged!

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    • 2013 AR Showcase Round 2 Roundup

      Little Rock quintet Flint Eastwood undoubtedly brought the most musically eclectic set of Round 2 of the Times Musicians Showcase. Frontman Malik Flint seemed like he was born to hold a mic, and the rest of the band provided fluid and unconventional backing.Publication: Arkansas TimesDate:
    • "This sound is so new. I love this band and want to hear so much more of them." - Mandy McBridePublication: Arkansas TimesDate:
    • No Empty Chairs

      By Shea Stewart Hometown Glory, released in July, also features local hip-hop artist Epiphany on “Swangin’,” but the band has been working hard on their full-length debut, a nine- or 10-track album that is currently untitled. Whereas Hometown Glory was the four musicians of Flint Eastwood recreating Flint’s music, the new record is “more band generated,” Meier says. “It’s Flint Eastwood.” SEE THE SHOW Flint Eastwood is the opening act for a Thursday night concert at Juanita’s that features headliner Big K.R.I.T., the Mississippi hip-hop artist promoting his Live from the Underground album. Fellow Mississippi hip-hop artists Tito Lopez and Big Sant are also on the bill along with Houston hip-hop artists Slim Thug and GT Garza. The doors open at 8 p.m. with the show starting at 9 p.m. Tickets are $20 in advance.Publication: Sync MagazineDate:
    • The State of Arkansas Hip Hop

      Malik Flint (who goes by MP the MVP), founder of Bryant-based crew Weekend Warriors, is originally from Denver, Colo. He says the music scene there was so broad and efficient that when his family relocated to Arkansas, it was something that he wanted to make happen here. And, for the most part, he has. Flint's crew consists of a group of fun suburban skater kids (black and white) whose songs have a chill party vibe over tracks culled from myriad genres. Flint also fronts an Afrobeat-influenced hip-hop band, Flint Eastwood, who are about to embark on an initial string of out-of-state gigs.Publication: Arkansas TimesDate:

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