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Monica Reese is a seasoned Interior Designer, currently based outside of New York City. She has created beautiful commercial, residential and event design projects across the country. Monica incorporates her sensitive use of materials and extensive knowledge of furniture and accessories to create environments that reflect a luxurious and modern design aesthetic. Monica’s interior design work is so compelling that she has recently been selected to appear on a new design show which will be aired on a major television network in the Spring of 2012.

Mrs. Reese began cultivating her sensibility for design at a very early age. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill and working in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, the desire for her to pursue her passion of design was honed at Pratt Institute in New York City, one of the country’s top Interior Design Schools. There she received her Master’s Degree in Interior Design. While in New York City, Monica went on to study under famed celebrity designer, Clodagh and Hip Hop’s favorite designer, Courtney Sloane. Monica also gained international exposure while doing a study abroad program in Milan, Italy, through Rhode Island School of Design. Monica says that all of these experiences helped to mold her modern classic design aesthetic.

Monica has operated her own design firm, taught design on a collegiate level and even conducted showroom design for some of the largest furniture manufacturers in the country. She has worked with a multitude of clients ranging from business professionals, real estate moguls, and Wall Street bankers to professional ball players and NBA team owners. No matter what the project, Monica subscribes to the philosophy that every room has a story to be told. Whether it is a residential, commercial or event project, she understands issues of function and personal significance and uses that to develop design concepts and timeless design solutions that always bring sheer delight to her clients.

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