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Presently, my background is the default Windows background. My machine keeps crashing and resetting my backgrounds, so I stopped changing it :P

Photography- I love it. I simply visualize what I want, click the shutter, and viola! a photo! I also love the many different things I can do with it. Drawing- Also fun. It takes more time for me to complete and idea, but I have more control over it. Writing- The most creative and time-consuming of my three favorite things. Makes writing essays easy ^_^ Cooking- this one's new. I've come to enjoy cooking, though I don't have many opportunities to do it. It's a lot of fun and I can be creative with it. The draw back is that I spend all my interest on the cooking and am usually no longer hungry by the time the food is ready xD

My long-term goals are 1) To become a math teacher and 2) to amass a large library. I will have books and you YOU WILL FEAR ME!

Drop me a note! I love to make new friends!


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