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This Canadian born, 19 year old is already establishing herself as a singer/songwriter and global critique best describes her as a Shania Twain meets Nora Jones with the spunkiness of Miranda Lambert, who has the potential and raw humble talent to reach 'superstar status' At 10, Lindsay joined the Ontario Music Conservatory and at 10.5, inspired the Conservatory to form a band, naming themselves 'the tims.' "We knew at 8 that Lindsay was going to be on a special journey, when she picked up the phone and called American Idol, after watching a commercial on tv." Her own music is being described as soulful, catchy and name a few but almost always leave audiences puzzled by her ability to capture experiences well beyond her young years. To her credits she can list : Yobi Sing 2013 Top 10 Winner, whereby due to online support Lindsay was interviewed and chosen by Mega Music Manager Johnny Wright to fly to Detroit MI, mentored by Johnny Wright and compete for a $50,000 music management contract with WEG. (Akon, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers,Backstreet Boys)In 2012 at the age of 18 Lindsay also won a Publishing Deal with EMI Canada with her song "Sail Away" (released worldwide -which was releasedw on sale on itunes) ANomination for Indie Music Awards - Best Female Teen Artist (2012) took Lindsay to Hollywood California, where she was invited to perform at the famous Gower Studios on Sunset Strip. Toronto Indie Music Award Nominee -Young Songwriters Award. Performing in and around the Niagara Region since at least 8 years old, Lindsay has shared the stage with some big artists including, JD Era (2012)Karl Wolf, Choclair recently(July 2011) for two consecutive years in Toronto @ Youth Day on Dundas Square. The young songstress has also preformed with previous members of Honeymoon Suite and many other notable acts. Some of her music is in rotation on JazzWilliams playlist @ 100.3fm, GETV(UK), 101.5fm and its sister station, KINTFM and more. is being considered for a current City-tv show which totally aspires Lindsay to keep moving forward. Lindsay Rae's natural talent and persistant hard work, earmark her for success. Plans for Lindsay Rae's Debut ep release, "More Than Southern Charm," and music video are this girls goals for 2013.

Hey, I'm 18 now, singer songwriter, from Ontario CanadanFor updates and more info please connect at: .Hailing from Ontario Canada, this 18 year old singer/songwriters music is like a Taylor Swift Meets Corinne Bailey Rae Sprinkled with a dash of Paramore....but judge for yourself was born in Ontario Canada in 1994.By the time she was sitting up she was humming as most kids do. By the age of 6-8yo Lindsay began belting out Arethra's Respect, and people noticed. Not being able to contain herself, she'd sing ever minute of every waking day,literally. There were times when as nice as she sounded, family would tell her just to be it was non-stop.Before the songs Lindsay wrote award winning speeches for school and continued this craft through music. By grade 1&2 she was writing books that were placed in the school library for others to take out. At a school fun night they had a karaoke machine set up in one room. Lindsay began singing in the empty room and by the end of the song the room was filled and people were curling there heads around the doorway checking out the commotion. At 10 Lindsay began at the Ontario Music Conservatory under the guidance of Linda Tamburri. Shortly after she was invited by her vocal coach to be the lead singer of the tims. Til this day they perform and compete in local and international contests. Lindsay has grown up with these kids and slowly they each branch off to do other amazing things with music. She's been garnished with many awards, recognition ,small scholarships over the years as well as many opportunities the internet has brought along the way.

Exclusive ITunes Release of "Wildflower" happens NOV 18th! Woohoo

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  • Toronto Indie Music Awards ,Young Songwriters Nominee

  • Top 10 Cycle 3 Finalist @ EMI's MOArtists RU A Superstar Contest (

  • Hit Me With Your Best Song-Acoustic Edition-Top 5 Finalist @ InDiscover music label-for her song 'Pitstop'

  • Semi-Finalist @ her songs Scientist&LittleThing

  • T.O.M.A. - The Ontario Music Award-winner in the pop category for best song in solo/duo

  • Top 10 Finalist - FTV

  • 2011 Niagara Music Award Nominee (Rising Star)

  • Indie Music Channel - Best Female Teen Artist Nominee

  • I’ll bet she’ll sound even more amazing from her studio recordings!-Linda Randall

    Lindsay is a rising star with a beautiful voice taboot! Most artists need the studio to give them a rich vocal sound. Not Lindsay, she already has one!Publication: Idea Girl Consulting Wordpress- Linda Randall-WordpressDate:
  • A Talent to be Reckoned With...

    ...I have watched all her videos since day one like I did Beiber's. Close your eyes and hear this gal sing...I discovered her singing lason YouTube last year and mark my word, she is gonna be big!Publication: Ms. Kemi-editor-publicist-hophossip.comDate:
  • A Star In The Making...


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