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I always like to start shows by telling people that I am a small town girl - however I was born in Texas and raised in Detroit and can therefore mess your crap up

My name is Miss Ginger Devine - an aspiring performer, comedian, dancer, and emcee, and actress. I started performing in the Spring of 2005, performing in local drag shows either through UW-Madison or through local gay clubs in the city. From there I had opportunities to perform in Chicago and even Amsterdam.

Moving here to the Biggest Little City in the world in June of 2009, I have tried to take my career and craft to the next level. I split my time working with THE UTILITY PLAYERS - a local comedy troupe in town - and A'DOLLed Fantasy - a Burlesque and Cabaret Company.

I want to be a Renaissance performer when it comes to the stage. I like incorporating a diversity of talents into shows whether it is doing some stand-up or performing in a dance number, I want to be able to entertain audiences.

I am just a small town girl ...ok drag queen from the Midwest of A with dreams of fame, stardom, and an academy award winning performance starring opposite Meryl Streep. I started performing drag five years ago in Madison, WI and since then have performed in such cities as Chicago, Amsterdam, and now Reno. I like to do a little bit of everything and create a truly eclectic show for all audiences. Last year, I co-starred in a monthly drag cabaret review called "The Ginger Devils: Gay'd in America" with my drag partner Davina Deville. The show featured traditional lip syncing numbers but also incorporated stand-up, sketches, singing, dancing, and more. Now I currently reside in Reno where I was just voted as one of Reno's best drag queens in 2009. I manage a local comedy troupe in town called the Utility Players and host a burlesque show in town.

Roseanne, Golden Girls, Lady Gaga, Diet Coke, GLEE, Dolly Parton, Cher, Bette Midler, Musicals, Disney, Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, High School Musical,

I have many goals in life. I want to expand the definition and perception of drag queens in society and what they can do. I would like my own reality TV show because let's be frank, the life of a big gay ginger drag queen is both ridiculous and intriguing. I mainly want to be able to do this for the rest of my life because nothing brings me greater joy

Currently performing the Buttcracker III at Bruka Theatre!!!

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    Reno, Nevada 89503 United States
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