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Michelle Newell is a Chicago native who wrote and published her first book in 2006 and co-authored an anthology shortly after. She also has a passion for film and screenwriting and is the Vice-President of UrbanScope Productions, LLC, a company she co-founded with her husband. She has written several screenplays, including a short film entitled Roses Out Of Concrete.

Michelle continues her passion of helping others as the Director of Programs with a not for profit organization in Chicago, Illinois, and recently founded Green Light To Success, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services to at risk youth.

Michelle's latest book, "Ruby Slippers: Fairy Tales My Mother Told Me. Real Life Truths I Never Told Her" was released in May 2013. She is currently working on a fourth book that will be released in 2014.

Author of Ruby Slippers: Fairly Tales My Mother Told Me. Real Life Truths I Never Told Her

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    • Chicago Author Writes A Nonfiction Book to Inspire Women and Teens

      Chicago, IL – A Chicago woman writes Ruby Slippers, a new nonfiction book, to inspire young girls and women that through thick and thin fairy tales can come true. The above statistics are dramatic common problems across the country and the globe. Having experienced and overcome some of these same issues, Michelle Davis-Newell shares her triumphant rise from poverty to self-reliance and offers words of inspiration to young girls and women everywhere. “It doesn’t take a special person; we’re all special in our own way. It takes a special effort and a willingness to put forth the work needed to move forward,” writes Michelle. Michelle, daughter of a former community activist, encourages others by chronicling her own stories of being bullied and teased, and molested by adults who were close to her. She discusses excelling in high school by earning a spot in the Principal’s Scholars program and being subsequently inducted into the National Honor’s Society, among other notable academic accomplishments.Despite these achievements, Michelle’s life at home took a dangerous turn, forcing her to leave her mother’s house at seventeen. By the time she was twenty-one, she had given birth to three children, was on welfare and suffered similar abuses to the kind she witnessed growing up. She describes an inner strength that would not allow her to fall victim to her circumstances. She pushed herself to do better, always challenging any complacency that held her in place until she pulled herself from the welfare rolls and gained economic self-sufficiency.Publication: Ruby Slippers Press Release

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