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Biography:<br>Me the Mountain, the five piece metalcore outfit hailing from Northern California, released its debut full length album titled "Speak" on June 24th, 2011. Drawing influences from Underoath and The Chariot, Me the Mountain has established themselves in their hometown, as one of the most aggressive and energetic live bands, which is one of the main focuses of the band according to drummer Taylor Morris. "Our live show is meant to be a communal experience, focusing on crowd participation, and the creating of an environment that allows us and the listener to feel connected." Their debut full length album "Speak", has already begun making waves, gaining notice from websites such as Indie Vision Music and Most recently, MTM has signed their first record contract with Sancrosanct Records from Lansing, Michigan (Copernicus, Gnashing of Teeth, The Burial). MTM has been described as an "impressive mix of cards thrown on the table for someone who is looking for new talent that mimics the sounds of Underoath's "Disambiguation" and Haste the Day's "Attack of the Wolf King". With lyrical themes consisting of, self-observation, spiritual struggle, drought, and depravation, MTM has put themselves out there as band who is willing and able to open up about the realities of daily life; the triumphs and trials that everyone experiences. <br><br>Tour:<br>Over the summer of 2012 MTM took part in their first national tour, playing huge festivals with popular bands such as Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Oh, Sleeper. On the road they also played many small local shows and house shows, quickly drawing crowds with their passionate stage performance. Currently they are writing for their next full-length record drawing influence from Norma Jean's album 'Meridional', Underoath's 'Disambiguation', and The Chariot's 'Speak'.<br><br>Bands Me The Mountain has shared the stage with:<br>My Children My Bride, Sleeping Giant, Impending Doom, Harp and Lyre, Sovereign Strength, The Burial, Stand Your Ground, Saving Grace, Creations, Leaders, Phineas, Under Cities, Strengthen What Remain, and more.

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