M.K. Myles


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I was raised up singing with my family as a quartet group, being trained by my father. I decided that I wanted to futher my musical knowledge and I went to school for Music-Vocal Performance, there I was introduced to Classical and Jazz. I immediately was drawn to both of those genres and decided that I wanted to sing for my career and now here I am a whole year after graduating from college, ready to begin my solo career.

I am originally a gospel singer.. I have been singing gospel over 20 years now and it wasn't until I got to college that I was introduced to other genres of music that I was also trained in while I was in school. I am the 5th of 5 children, I am from Clarksdale, MS and I am looking forward and extremely excited about my career in the Music Industry. I am also pursuing a modeling career. I do realize that I don't know a whole lot that industry but I have a willing spirit to learn. I look forward to networking with likeminded indivisuals who want to move foward in their career lives.

The goals that I am currently working toward is completing my Masters and Doctorate degrees while advacing my career as a Musician, Model, and/or Actor.

Singing, Traveling, Fishing, Basketball ( Walking, Excercise.


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