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Hello my name is Frank I am a solo composer and I have been pushing the envelope, in search of a new frontier in music. I have just released a new album titled "Sonic Revelation" under my band name "Meleniumx". I grew up in the 70's to appreciate progressive rock from bands like Genesis, Yes, King Krimson, etc... So as the decades changed so did the music but it could no longer capture my heart nor head as in those early years. Yes,there have been some great bands like U2 but they are the exception and not the norm. Genesis and Peter Gabriel albums recorded 30 yrs ago still capture my interest. I decided to begin a quest to create a new genre. One that could keep my mind and heart interested. I have recorded several albums in this pursuit in my home studio. My last was 10 yrs ago. But within the last yr. something broke and I began work on "Sonic Revelation". You can listen to some of the tracks on my page. I hope you enjoy what you hear and will come back again for more!

I am now mastering tracks for artists. If you need help please email me at and I can Master your tracks. I am very reasonable and only charge $25/track.Your track will adjusted with a 10 channel Paragraphic EQ, Linear Phase Multi-band Compressor,Stereo Imager, L2 Limiter,and Maxxbass enhancer just to name a few of the processes that are done on you track. The $25 is a real deal! I have mastered tracks for stereofame artists: Eric Bailey,The Accentrix , Cailyn, Ryan Banfill , Parchment Farm, Goo, The Baddys', Eva Eva, Fran Schultz, Wanker of the First Degree, Willy Friar, zAdDiCk, and the Opium Joe Group. The difference is the sound of your track is tremendous and tracks can be easily sent back and forth online.The mastering process brings out the dynamics and sound of your recording a gives your music that professional studio quality sound! So if you want your tracks to sound way, way, better, drop me a line. If your not satisfied I do not charge you. What are you waiting for?


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