Hand Biting??

I see you struggling... So I ease the tension
You say you're hungry... So I feed you senseless.
I sacrificed my time just to appease your endless need.
A common goal to be successful revealed your selfish greed.
Denial was my truth, for I unknowingly allowed myself to only see the good in All
But as I lost my balanced, reaching out for help I was knowingly allowed to Fall.
If from me you need Trust, Loyalty, & Faith... lets put it writing
Cause nowadays its just too much hand biting. smh

-People can be ungrateful to A million deeds and still expect you to do more... well remember this, You don't owe anyone a Damn THING!!
Tell them to take responsibility for their own lives and accept the FACT that if they don't make it happen for Themselves no one else will!


A blog post from September 5th, 2011.

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