Lafango & TV Asia announce a new contest for \"Meri Awaaz\" show

Meri Awaaz is a joint venture between Lafango and TV Asia U.S.A., based on bollywood themed singing.This is going to be a half hour weekly show, which will be broadcast on TV Asia in North America & the Caribbean and webcast all over the world. We are about to start accepting auditions for this show, in the form of a singing contest on Lafango. Our panel will pick winner/s every week, based on the quality of your video or audio. We would really appreciate it if you can make a video of you singing your song, as it will help us bring good quality content to this show. If your entry wins, it will be broadcast on the TV Asia channel. We may also do a short webcam interview with you and broadcast that on the TV, as well.So please start preparing some high-quality songs, as this contest starts next week.


A blog post from July 14th, 2011.

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