Lindsay Sharing the Stage with Karl Wolf!

Lots of good things happening right now! Well 1st as many of you have already figure out ITS SUMMER! Myself and bro Jus (drums) and a rad guitar player Matt Dell (MattDellMusic) will be performing July 24th on Dundas Square for Youth Day. We just found out later yesterday that the headling act is Karl Wolf (Africa & other hit songs) so as you can imagine we're all pretty flippin excited right now! By then I will finally have some merchandise via(discrevolt) download cards available for that show....finally. You'll receive a zipped file with 2 original tracks/lyrics/pictures and some bonus stuff! The artworks been completed and my website is almost ready to go live later this week. Never thought all this would be happening in a million years but....hey, i did say i would follow music wherever it would take me....just well, quite surprised! Anyway, happy beaching, swimming or whatever you enjoy doing :D

ooo....almost forgot...I will be having a contest later this summer too so please check back for that :D


A blog post from July 11th, 2011.

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