For Everything There is a SEASON

Success isn't luck, its timing... You have to remember that when all the chips are down and you feel as if progress will never arrive, just persevere! Your advancement won't be the same as your friends or at the same time. Your moment means just that... Your Moment!!

When trying to be successful you must also remember to be in Preparation for any Opportunity that may descend your way.
Preparation can mean many different things for everyone but here are a few pointers from a couple of friends of mine who happen to be established C.E.O.'s and Vice Presidents of companies like the Hilton & Nike

1. Plan your work and work your plan Plan your future and work 100% at your layout. Vice President: "A good budget is a working document. It is a plan for expenditures, for revenues, and a map for marshalling the resources to complete the top strategic initiatives for your business. Without a plan, you leave it all to chance."

2. If you can't count it it doesn't count. Pay attention to the money that you spend & where its being spent. Vice President: "What you measure you can manage and managing is the logical downstream action that you embark upon with your budgets. Know your metrics or "cost per" ratios. Work from solid benchmarks in productivity and reliable forecasts. In the end, this really is an accounting exercise."

3. Always have a plan B Never place all your eggs in one basket. Vice President: "That's not a cliché, If you have a well thought out plan A, when things go wrong (and things always go wrong), you have a better shot at still succeeding when you have a plan B. Having a plan B is a whole lot easier when you've fully exhausted plan A "

I'm an upcoming C.E.O of a record label and I see no better way than to learn about the duties and leadership strategies of successfully running my business than to learn from those who have already achieved it. My season is coming..

-C.E.O. Bass


A blog post from March 22nd, 2011.

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