Lindsay on the front page of InDiscover Music Label

We are excited to let you all know that the record label featured Lindsay on their main page @ InDiscover. Her song pitstop has received some pretty cool attention and in late January became one of the top5 contenders to be recorded at theorangelounge in Toronto Canada. The likes of The Fray, Nelly Fertardo,The Jonas Brothers are just a small list of who has recorded there in the passed. Announcements come later today at InDiscover as to who will win the all expensive trip to record in Toronto and win or not Lindsay is very thankful to be even considered amongst the other talented artists! Thanks to many of you who have been a constant in these online contests, people are definitely hearing YOUR voices!Here is where we`d like to put a nice picture of the top 5 but since that is not available at the moment feel free to check out the linkwe will upload the picture we captured from InDiscover for you as well) not sure how long it will be on the front page either so....!


A blog post from February 16th, 2011.

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