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Recently, I have been lucky to recieve some publicity through the MAC Mississauga Arts Council about some music stuff and wanted to included a link back here to show some support for all this site means!


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LINDSAY ALWARD : We are excited to let you know that Lindsay was selected (December 2nd 2010) by the inDiscover music label as one of the top22 finalists in consideration for a full recording contract. Their record execs will be monitoring her and her growing fanbase as well as material uploaded to her profile on the inDiscover website. So we invite you to check out Lindsays music, video and pictures there at inDiscover.

Also invited to perform at Temfest 2011 (Toronto Exclusive Magazine). Her first music video is just in the storyboard stage with one of her songs as well. They are planning to shoot it the first few days in the new year.

Lindsay has also recieved invitation to appear on a few tv shows here in Canada as well as 'live radio interviews' which we are looking into setting up early 2011.

(Pete Perry(UK) from MOTF Enterprises recently took the time to review Lindsay's 3 unreleased songs. I first heard about Lindsay from our old friend Mike James, and am I glad he put us on to her!

Lindsay Alward is a sixteen-year-old Canadian girl, with a terrific voice, and we feel priviliged to have the opportunity of reviewing her first three studio recordings...

Hailing from Niagara Region of Ontario Canada, this barely 16 year olds music is like a Taylor Swift Nora Jones, sprinkled with a dash of Paramore....what sets her aside from the rest is not only her soulful/powerhouse voice or her ability to connect to her audiences but the fascination that people hold when they realize she writes music well beyond her youthful experiences....but judge for yourself! She recently found herself a top 10 contender with ftvstar magazine(interview @ ) She keeps grounded,and sincerely believes everyone has their talents. Needless to say this opened the door for all that has come and all that has yet to be for Lindsay. CHECK HER OUT! and and and


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