Buy a Rose(DEMO)


Still very basic and fresh. Recorded this on my Xperia play phone and a guitar hero mic..Video was shot on my ipod..pretty ghetto eh guys. download available here\n\n\n\nIt all seems like a dream to me\nslow motion blood drops in a puddle\ni can see my face but its a blur\ndrifting forward like i\'m in a tunnel\nno control or care for where i go\nwhere will i go, where will i go..i just dont know\n\nbroken lighters,you burnt your lips\nheart is black like your fingertips\nbuy a rose and be happy for a day\nyour life will not have meaning anyway\nanyway, anyday, its sure to fail\nit is sure to fail, i am sure,hold me to my words\n\nyour life your light is growing dim\njust a reminder of what has been\ntook a righteous thing , made it, into a sin\nwhere does it end and where does it begin\nwhere does it begin, where does it and I begin\n\nJesse Stutsman 2012

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