Transition/Lovers and Lullaby

Venancio Rincon ft. JhonieM

music by Venancio Rincon
vocal and lyrics by JhonieM

Sleep now my dearest one
Im here near with you
Feel my warmth embrace
To comfort you and baby too

Look at his eyes
Then youll realize
His like an angel bloom
With lots of dreams to come true
Hopes and love to shine
One day for me and you

Soon the stars that shine
He will see with a smile
And words of wonders from his heart
That life is precious of all oh oh my love
Hmm, (whisper) He will say of our love
He will say of our love
That we are oh loving too

Now hold his palm to feel
The warmth of me and you

Hmmmmmm Hmmmmm

Then hold on to your prayers
As he grows and let everyday
Shine for me and you and baby too.


Excerpt: Venancio Rincon ft. JhonieM\n\nmusic by Venancio Rincon\nvocal and lyrics by JhonieM\n\nLovers and Lullaby\n\nSleep now my dearest one\nIm here near with...

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