Lindsay Rae Alward \"More Than Southern Charm\" EP Sampler


The songs heard on this EP sampler are not mastered yet, and are just intended to give you a taste of my new music before it is available for sale in the late summer. I have recently been strongly pursuing country/pop music and love performing and writing it! I hope everyone will enjoy this EP!\n\nDrive fast: Is basically just about being a strong and independent woman. \n\nWild Flower: Says that she may not be perfect but shes still the best thing that has ever happened to you. \n\nHell On My Heart: They aren\'t good for you but somehow you keep find yourself going back to them... and they take advantage of that.\n\nNot Coming Around: Is written about someone in your past who wants to come back and you just kind of go you messed up and you\'re never getting me back. (It was recorded to sound like a bunch of people sitting around just jamming)\n\nGeorgia Skies: This song is about loving someone and never giving up on them.. its about finding that person who loves you for you. \n\nThe EP is also intended for YOBI TV\'S webseries \"Take The Stage\" with Johnny Wright. I won a place in the top ten and will be travelling to Detroit to complete various challenges that will display my abilities as a songwriter, recording artist and performer. The winner is chosen by fans and will win a contract with WEG and Johnny Wright who has managed big names like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers and many more. This is an amazing opportunity to me and it is humbling just to have been choosing to participate and to be mentored by top industry professionals. \n\nThank you all for everything,\n\nLindsay

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