Band Bio

Paradox Shift is a five-piece progressive metal band from Greenfield, IN. In early 2009, Andrew Filson (piano), Seth Jordan (guitar), and Kyle Crabtree (drums) formed the skeleton of what would eventually become Paradox Shift. In late 2009, Nate Shellhaas (bass) met the band members and began playing shows with them. The middle of 2010 marked the moment in which Joe Toney (vocals) was introduced to the band. Shortly after, Toney and Shellhaas were officially made members of Paradox Shift. Once the band's roster was complete, Paradox Shift hired Paul Toney as their manager. Paul began scheduling many more shows for the band, and the fan base for the band began to grow. Paradox Shift released their debut album, entitled "Retribution" in June 2011. The band has since been working on playing more shows in the Indianapolis area and writing new material.


About the Band

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