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It would seem that people just can’t get enough of good old fashion country harmonies, and McKenzie Road’s got it in spades! But their style and lyrics are anything but old fashioned • as demonstrated on their debut self-titled CD in songs like, I Lie and Whatever Happened.

McKenzie Road is comprised of three siblings from Steinbach, Manitoba, 1 brother and 2 sisters, John Rempel, Teena Cole and Sue Doerksen. And you know it’s true when they say, “There’s nothing quite like sibling harmony!” • which is how the original name of the band came to be. The close-knit trio performed as Sibling Harmony for six years before the decision for a name change was made. Though McKenzie Road doesn’t blatantly spell out who they are, the name is no less significant. McKenzie Road is the street where it all began. These three of six siblings grew up singing gospel in a group called Rainbow of Love. While these sibs don’t perform gospel anymore, they’ve never strayed too far from their roots, and have added a gospel track on their new album that is very dear to their hearts in their own rendition of The Lord’s Prayer.

McKenzie Road is blessed to have performed in some amazing venues, including one in Mazatlan, Mexico for three consecutive years. In 2009, they had the honor of competing in the Colgate Country Showdown, the largest country music search in the US! After winning the local and state finals, they advanced to the Midwest Regional Finals where they placed 4th, putting them in the top 20 of the nation! Their success granted them higher visibility, a substantial increase in website hits and contact with a fabulous producer, Jack Shapira at Unison Studios in Winnipeg, MB • which brings us back to present day and how McKenzie Road’s debut self-titled album came to be.

The amazing and varied songs on this album are a compilation of John’s and Teena’s separate writings, with a co-write by Sue and Teena on I’m Already Inside. They write about the thrill of love at first sight (Beautiful Day & When You Kissed Me) to life on the road (I’m Gone) to break-up-heart-break (I Lie) to watching someone you love falling into depression (Whatever Happened).

McKenzie Road is blessed and extremely thankful to have the amazingly brilliant guitar mania of Murray Pulver of Doc Walker add his talents to their new album • what a gifted player! Other great musicians included Jay Tooke on drums and Dave Landreth on bass guitar • what a team!

This project has never been about selling a million CDs or achieving super-stardom. These sibs just want to do what they love, and they want to do it together. John says of their relationship, “My sisters are my best friends!” To which Teena retorts, “Yeah, we actually still LIKE each other!”

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    409 Rosewood DriveSteinbach, Manitoba Canada
    • 4th place Regional Finals - Colgate Country Showdown

    • 1st place State Finals - Colgate Country Showdown

    • 1st place award Local Competition - Colgate Country Showdown

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