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Bask in the comforting and convicting songs of Marquis Love.The Atlanta based singer, poet, rapper connects to his music in ways that can only be described as “relational”.Marquis has been writing lyrics since the age of thirteen, shining light on issues that most people are afraid to discuss.“It feels like I’m telling secrets that everybody knows, and when I say it out loud it’s like they can’t believe I said it”, says the twenty four year old Marquis.His ear for music was widened and separated from the stereo typical prejudices at an early age.“My grandmother was a Country music fanatic and my mother was a choir director, so from the beginning my ears were always in tune to different types of music”.If you were to look through his iPod today you may find artist such as; Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, Mahalia Jackson, Tye Tribbett, Free (The band), Rotary Connection just to name a few.With such a wide array of musical influences.From jazz to blues rock to hip hop to afro punk to Gospel.This gives Marquis an endless field of creativity and sound combinations to call his own.It gives him the sound that accents such purpose driven music.“Sometimes you have to silence the music in order to understand the songs purpose.I can rap the ABC’s over a hot beat , people will sing along subconsciously, as bad as the song may be.But before you know it, you’ll be singing the ABC’s, music influences”.Marquis explains the purpose behind songs such as “Rapture” and “Not of this World”.“I wasn’t attempting to create a new style or sound, I just wanted people to hear what I was saying, thats why both songs were accapella”.There is a constant cry for creativity in the music industry.Everybody wants “the Next BIG thing” but what’s the purpose if the music has no purpose?Marquis strives to reach the hearts and minds of the people in order to bring them closer to the Truth.“It’s time for people to open their eyes and their ears to something truthful and positive.Do not continue to flood your minds with garbage, free your mind”.

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