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MALFAKTOR <br /><br>mal·e·fac·tor <br>[mal-uh-fak-ter]<br /><br> Noun<br /> Definition: A criminal or felon; an evildoer <br><br>::BIOGRAPHY::<br><br>Malfaktor is an American experimental industrial metal band, formed in 2005. The current members are Doug Cheek (founder member), Larry Orban III (founder member), and Jonas Sandoval, though there have been many former members throughout the life of the band.<br/><br/>The first three years of Malfaktor's career was spent honing in on their sound and fine-tuning their music and style. The tracks created during that period became what would be on their first album to announce Malfaktor to the world.<br/><br/>Their first release, 2008's <em>The Delay of the Inevitable</em>, included memorable tracks, such as: "Dirty Faith", "The Resistance", "Sarcophagus", "The Seed", "Memoirs of a Dead Man", and the epic, nearly 9-minute track "The Dethroner".<br/><br/>Their second album, 2009's <em>Remix/Relapse</em>, was a remix album consisting of remixes from the previous album. <em>Remix/Relapse</em> contained a total of 15 tracks, with remixes from such artists as: Dismantled, C/A/T (Chaos And Terror), [syndika:zero], Placid, plus many more from up-and-coming electro goth industrial artists. <br><br>Malfaktor has also remixed tracks for fellow artists, such as Jeremiah Saint and Cold Flesh Colony.<br/><br/>Malfaktor has also made appearances on many compilations over the years, including: <a href="">"Sanity is Slavery"</a> by machineKUNT Records, <a href="">"COPILATORIO UNDER MG'S ARMY VL. 2" </a>by MG's Army Label, <a href="">"Fused In Darkness"</a> by Alex Brewis of Attrition, <a href="">"[RAAO]- Apocalypse Children"</a> by Coreback Records, <a href="">"Negative Impact v0.4"</a> by PfF Productions, and <a href="">"Different Parts 5"</a> by Army Of Industrial Darkness (AOID).<br/><br/>Malfaktor has also achieved much success and recognition throughout their career, including: interviews (<a href="

Past Shows:

07/02/08 Club Xile @ The Can
07/24/08 Hogue Barmichael’s
08/02/08 The Good Hurt Nightclub
08/05/08 Gallagher’s Pub & Grill
08/29/08 Martini Blues
09/04/08 The Blue Café in Huntington Beach
09/18/08 The Blue Café in Long Beach
10/03/08 The Relax Bar
10/04/08 The Black Castle
10/17/08 Electronic Warfare Productions Presents: Electronic Warfare @ Tropics Lounge
11/14/08 Pharaohs Den
11/23/08 Emergenza Music Festival @ Safari Sam’s
12/03/08 Normality Presents: Electronic Warfare 2.0 at Club SplenDead @ The Scene Bar
12/19/08 Club Necromance @ The Castle
01/02/09 Normality Presents: Electronic Warfare 3.0 @ The Radio Room
01/17/09 The Relax Bar
01/28/09 Club Hell @ the Ivar
02/20/09 The Good Hurt Nightclub
02/21/09 Club Nightshift @ Juanita’s
03/13/09 Electronic Warfare Productions Presents: Electronic Warfare IV @ Tropics Lounge
03/20/09 Martini Blues
04/12/09 The Chamber @ The Bravo Nightclub
05/11/09 Tropics Lounge
05/27/09 The Bordello
07/11/09 Eternal~Eterno @ Roberto’s
02/13/10 The Castle
02/20/10 “Free Your Mind” Music & Art Festival @ Chuco’s Justice Center
03/05/10 Round #1: Skinnie Magazine’s “Top 100 Bands” Festival @ The Queen Mary
03/20/10 Batcave @ Circus
04/02/10 Round #2: Skinnie Magazine’s “Top 100 Bands” Festival @ Shore Ultra Lounge
04/24/10 Final Round: Skinnie Magazine’s "Top 100 Bands" Festival @ The Galaxy Theatre
07/15/10 SLICK IDIOT’S “SUCKESS 2010 US TOUR” @ DiPiazza’s
09/18/10 Bar Sinister @ Boardner’s
09/18/11 Evans Lager Presents “Hottest 100 Music Festival” powered by Nead @ Irvine Lake
10/14/11 Electronic Warfare Productions Presents: Electronic Warfare V @ Tropics Lounge
10/25/11 10th Annual Halloween Show/Costume Contest @ House of Blues Anaheim
10/29/11 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con @ Long Beach Convention Center
10/31/11 HALLOWEEN PARTY @ Skinny’s Lounge
12/17/11 Extreme Futurist Festival @ Courtyard Los Angeles Marina Del Rey

Come and check out a preview of our new single, "Permanence Enslaved", from our upcoming third album, ABSØLUTE ZERØ, as well as preview clips from other tracks from the album!! Listen here:

  • Booking

  • Won's "Best Band of Season Four"

  • Nominated for “Horror Addicts Season 4 Best Bands”

  • Featured in Skinnie Magazine’s May 2010 issue “Top 100 Bands”

  • “The Seed” is named Song of the Day by DJ Synthetique on

  • “Sub-Human Machine [remix by C/A/T]” Named Honorable Mention on Digital Mindfield Radio

  • Featured as Artist of the Week on The New Hiram’s Highlights Podcast Show

  • Featured as Artist of the Week on Normality Podcast Show

  • Featured as Artist of the Week on The New Hiram’s Highlights Podcast Show


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