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I love to act and just entertain people. If it is making them laugh or just tingle their imagination, I love to do it. I have done plays for church and the neighborhood and want to entertain the world! I am a self taught martial artist and love it so much! I also write alot, I paint, and draw. I want to be in the entertainment industry so bad! I am young, willing, and not too bad looking, that's a plus, (lol). Feel free to talk to me and ask questions or whatever!

I want to go to college and learn animation. I would love to make cartoons and animate for movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Transformers, and Star Wars. I also want to make my own cartoons and video games as well as become an established actor, screenwriter, and business owner.

Drawing, Painting, Writing, Martial Arts, Animation, Acting, Comedy, Movies, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Music with a hot beat, and meeting new people.

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