Dave Johnson


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Dave Johnson has performed coast to coast in America and in front of thousands of people. He has entertained for many well-known names such as Ice Cube, Gallagher, MC Hammer, Roy Jones Jr., Alan Iverson and more. Just a glance at Dave Johnson and you can tell he is a sought after entertainer that will never slow down. 

Dave Johnson has been honored with many awards from his peers in the art of magic and also from prestigious hospitals for his generosity through fundraising programs he has organized. 

Dave Johnson became interested in performing magic over 20 years ago and has made his full time income as a magician for the last 8 years. Living most of his life in California, Dave has now moved to Las Vegas. Entertaining all over the United States, Daveʼs magic, humor and mentalism is brought together in one entertaining and unforgettable experience.

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    Phone: (916)-717-4555Fax: (270) 717-4558
    United States
    • Harrah's Appreciation Award

    • Stage Magic Finalist at World Magic Seminar

    • Close-up Magic Finalist at World Magic Seminar

    • Shriners Benefit Award

    • Kiwanis Family House Appreciation Award

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