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Welcome to my world!

There is a lot of hate in the music business. People wan`t to see you fail and not make it. Why not instead of talking about others use that to support them instead? When God gave us all talents he intended for us to use it. Do you think he did it for nothing?. He gave it to us all to share it with other`s. What is the use of being a great Singer, Rapper or Producer and you cannot share it with no one?

You can't assure success, but you can increase the chances of it happening. After all, opportunity favors the prepared.

My name is Maestro and I am a music producer. I love experimenting with different genres and music and to come up with my own style of music that sets me apart from the other producers and artists. I produce various styles of music.

I am here to network with other professionals in the music industry and to get my productions and compositions into the hands of the right people.

It is not very difficult to have many connections here on Linkedin. I instead choose to only have ones that are the real deal and want to do business with me and let my music speak for itself.

I am always looking for LABELS and Companies that want to sign my tracks and MANAGEMENT that can actually get my tracks signed and also for movies, games and make it happen. Even if you you are not interested in signing or representing Me I still want us to network and keep in touch. Some of my music I placed with various artists. I am just waiting on them to record and complete their albums or singles.

At the bottom of this page is a SlideShare Presentation with my Artist biography and press kit. Also U will find a Creative Portfolio Display with various examples of music I have produced including the music I submitted for Ghostbusters 3 with the action cues. Enjoy my profile and let`s make magic happen. LINKEDIN is the place to be. I should have joined ages ago ha ha.

Feel free to speak to Aynne Pryce of Dreamwalker Entertainment as a reference :)

  • One of the top most played bands on Reverbnation and ranked No 1 since joining

  • Sony/Ioda distribution deal

    My tracks will be for sale in the USA and Worldwide signed with them and released worldwide. Also for lease and rental. I am producing Urban POP Hiphop Acid Jazz R and B and so on.......Date:
  • Maestro and Emma Lock

    Me and Emma Lock are working on some songs together. We have some label interest and will gladly let you hear our tracks when they are finished and if you are interested in signing some or even for promo`s and radio plays as we been on a few stations all ready :)Date:

    Ken Kleinberg, Esq. represents JK Rowlings, and has signed Aynne Pryce's DreamWalker Franchise to represent the BOOK SERIES, MOVIE SERIES, TELEVISION EPISODES, MUSIC and ANCILLARIES. An author, screenplay writer, and music composer and producer, Aynne Pryce is the sole creator and owner. Ken Kleinberg, Esq. has been voted ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY OF THE YEAR.Publication: EPK release

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