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(Dj) Mad Influence is founder and owner of the indie label- Hyperformula Music, as well as a DJ/Remixer/Producer/Artist and Promoter...

With 15 years of Dj experience, Mad Influence is a turntablist that knows no boundaries. He rocks socks around the USA with House Music, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Trip hop & DnB. His latest DnB Dj mix was chosen by as "In Session #32" and is currently featured on their website. Mad Influence has held residencies in NC and TN. He has Dj'd along side some of the worlds best talent like John Kelly, Dubtribe, Samm-E, Odi, Dj Irene, Capital J, Mindelixir, G.R.I.T.S., etc, etc...

Mad Influence has remixed many artists worldwide including, Candiria, Celldweller, Subculture, Echostream and more...Constantly writing and playing music, Mad Influence continues to bring the bass and mad rhythm to dance floors everywhere. His newest project set for release this fall will feature some industry heavyweights and some new names...

It is very difficult to classify Mad Influence...almost impossible to label him. However, he IS a DJ, Remixer, Producer and label owner that makes and mixes all types of music, for all types of people!

  • Bookings- John Wooten

    Phone: 7049607118
    North Carolina/South Carolina United States
    • In Session #32 DnB Featured Mix (

    • Hyperformula Artist Of The Month - January 2011

    • Remix for Echostream's 'Just Kill Me" Fan Vid Chosen as Fan Club's Official Video

    • Interview with Mad Influence

      Interview with DJ: Mad Influence -: Cheers--Mad Influence here, founder & owner of Hyperformula Music. Creating "mad" bass music out of Charlotte NC, USA. Falling in love with Jungle in 1996, I bought my first vinyl...Bukem, Goldie, Peshay & Photek. I was one of the only DJs in my area that played Jungle/DnB live- Over the years, I have worked towards mastering my mixing skills as a turntablist and also as a producer. This DnB mix titled "Find Your Way" is a journey to help you find a path through proper riddimz, bass & audio persuasion, hence the title. I was personally going through a tough time in my life not knowing which direction to go as an artist. I went back to my roots of DnB, in which I made this set (in reference to the DnB DJ set "Find Your Way") on Xmas day 2010 and it turned out to be one of my favorites! I hope you all can dig it~ How long have you been mixing?: Officially??... since 1996... 15 years. What first got you into music and mixing?: Well I have to say WHO got me into mixing was Dj Odi & I have alwyas had a "thing" for music since I was a baby. What equipment do you use?: Anything & everything!! 1200's, CDjs, Serato, Traktor, VDJ/MP3 mixers, Ableton, Reason...depends on if Im playing my tunes or just rocking a dance floor. Wehn playing my own tunes I will use the MP3 mixer/programs along with other midi controllers. What is the significance of your DJ name, How did you get that name?: The name Mad Influence was born after years of changing names that just didnt fit me. I love Metal and Hip hop as well as EDM/IDM and Bass Music so, I have mad amounts of influence pouring into me and now out of me!Date:

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