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When looking for an auto detailing service in the Ottawa area, you need one that offers high quality services with a guarantee you will be satisfied. As a result, Luxus is your choice for a spotless and perfected vehicle job that leaves you very satisfied. In addition, Luxus offers a variety of services that set it apart from any other detailing company in Ottawa. From paint protection to antibacterial cleaning, you are certain to find the services and the price that fits your needs at Luxus.

In addition to the mobile service, Luxus can come pick up your vehicle and take it to the detailing facility, where the most experienced and expert employees will ensure it is returned looking and smelling like new. You can allow those odors, spills, and food and drink stains to be removed all while Luxus takes into consideration you have a busy schedule and may not have time to bring in your vehicle and wait. Luxus is the best because they put the customer first in every way.

Luxus is accredited and trained from Gtechniq and, as a result, enables them to maintain your car with superb services that ensure your vehicle’s depreciation value is maintained to a minimum. With high quality craftsmanship, modern and efficient conveniences, in addition to top quality customer satisfaction, Luxus will always be Ottawa’s choice for car detailing services.

Every customer receiving a permanent paint coating will rest comfortably in the 8-year comprehensive warranty by Luxus. An 8-year warranty, combined with an unconditional money back guarantee, shows why Luxus is the choice of those who care about their vehicles. From mobile and pick up services, the only money back guarantee in Ottawa, to high quality paint and cleaning services guaranteed to minimize depreciation value, there is no reason you should not be on your way or on the phone to Luxus.

  • Luxus Auto Care

    Phone: (613) 883-5095
    895 Montreal Rd #2 Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4B9 Canada

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