Lucila Cerqueira


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I graduated in Psychology in December 2009. I love to sing so much. I belonged to a church choir and there i learned many things about music and how to use the voice. I´m grateful for my parents due to the education i received from them. I just have a brother very loved by me. I worked in the Dial 100 (Denounces National Dial of Violence Against Children and Adolescents, located in Brazil, from nationwide). So, I hate all kind of violence against these little humans. It was not easy to work there. I only needed strenght to do my work. Btw, i´m very happy for all people that i could help there, although the theme be very heavy and tiresome!

To learn more and more about how to sing correctly, try to love someone again and live my life to recuperate some years that i lost.

I love to sing, to cook, i try to play guitar, i adore laugh and people that make me laugh a lot, wine, pc and so many things that i don´t remember now... =)


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