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Being a young, black, male, with aspirations of becoming a rapper, is a commonly shared dream, to say the least, but when adding the element of being a Proud Gay Boy, and we have something the world has never seen. Meet Lonnie Bee. Lonnie is an up and coming emcee changing the rap scene by bridging the gap between the gay and straight communities. Starting the Proud Gay Boy Movement only gave Lonnie Bee momentum to keep striving towards his goal of becoming a successful, black, openly gay artist. His unique sound, artistic vision, and controversial lyrics only add fuel to the fire known as Lonnie Bee.
Born and raised in The District, Lonnie has always been heavily influenced by music. Lonnie Bee’s 1st love was dance. He became a dancer and evolved into a successful choreographer, owning his own studio, where he taught dance and choreographed for the popular dance group X-vibe. Lonnie Bee also created and hosts his own YouTube talk show, Chat With Lonnie. Even with the success as a choreographer, the music and the microphone kept calling out to Lonnie, and with that Lonnie Bee was born.
Gaining moment from his 1st mix tape Lonnie’s World, Lonnie Bee is back with his much anticipated follow up mix tape, Black Heart. Lonnie describes Black Heart as “a mix of the good and the bad. A place where heaven meets hell! I have been through a lot, and as an artist, this is my personal testimony.” Lonnie Bee’s struggle is apparent in his lead single, “Proud Gay Boy.” LyricallyBlack Heart is a culmination of sorts. It is Hip-Hop, infused with elements of R&B and Pop. Black Heart not only defines Lonnie Bee as a Proud Gay Boy, and shows his potential, but it establishes him as an artist on the rise.

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