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Hello my name is Daniel Macias. I have never had any singing lessons or acting classes nothing like that. i just want to do this because i want to express myself. Hopefully i don't make an ass out of myself. And no I am not saying that i am the best at what i do. I will hopefully start adding videos soon.

I am really interested in music. i like different types of music. I might not know what they name of the song is or who sings the song, but if it sounds good i like it. It does not matter to me what type of music it is. As long as i like the beat of the message it is good enough for me.

My one goal in life is to just make my parents proud and help them out as much as they have helped me my whole life. Mom, dad I really love you two and I know that i am really lucky to have both my parents still here with me.

i learned how to edit videos. Hope to have mine up soon


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