Larry A. Jaggard


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Larry A. Jaggard is an aspiring Screenwriter, Photographer, and Website Designer.

He has written 27 screenplays which 5 are features ranging from 101 to 130 pages each, and 22 shorts of 2 to 45 pages in length. About 8 of those screenplays, 2 features and 6 shorts have reached as far as the finals in National and International Screenplay competitions. The hope is to find an Agent and Producer. Loglines to these screenplays can be found at,

He has taken thousands of photographs, mostly of natural landscapes and wildlife. His photos can be seen at, and on his social networking sites and through this one.

He has also created 4 personal websites; two of those were designed by him and are listed above.

View my new books at,

Screenwriting, Photography, Web Design, Weightlifting, Russia, Wildlife

To become a produced screenwriter. A professional photographer. Website designer. To visit Moscow, Russia


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