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Linda Leen- award winning singer, songwriter, producer from Baltic States (Latvia). Often called a musical chameleon, she rises above the rest with her emotionally colorful live performances. Since 2000 Linda has released five albums, three concert DVDs/BluRays, created various images and expressed herself in pop, academic, jazz, cabaret and acoustic music genres on all of the biggest stages of Latvia for thousands of fans. Now she is working on new original material, ready to change again and to be heard abroad, beyond her musical “comfort zone”! On 2013 Linda and her freshly formed group The Gray Cardinals went on a sold-out new material preview tour. ‘’Linda has become completely different with The Gray Cardinals; she has opened new musical chakras’’, says the biggest Latvian daily newspaper’s ‘’DIENA” review on the DEMO concert. Linda Leen & The Gray Cardinals also rocked the main stage of Summer Sound Festival the same year as the first day co-headliner in front of the crowd of twenty thousand and performed as a "secret act" at Positivus Festival. Now Linda is looking for THE producer to make the new record complete by spring of 2016!

  • Annual Latvian Music Award nominee for "Best Live Show Recording" 2014, BluRay "Klasika"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award nominee for "Song of The Year" 2014, "Frozen"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award for "Best Live Show Recording" 2012, DVD "Live at Arena"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award nominee for "Album of the Year" 2008, "Chameleon"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award nominee for "Song of The Year" 2008, "Chameleon"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award nominee for "Song of The Year" 2006, "Electric Kiss"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award for "Album of the Year" 2001, "Let's Go Insane"

  • Annual Latvian Music Award for "Best Dance Album" and "Best Dance Song" as a member of project "Tune-L" 2001.

  • Annual Latvian Music Award for "Best New Artist" 2001, Linda Leen

  • In 2000 music industry magazine FONO includes Linda's composition LET'S GO INSANE in its monthly promotional compact disc, "Europe's Number One Breaking Hits CD"

  • LNT music award for "Best Performer, 2000

  • DRUMS: Fully professional drum set in working order: Gretsch, DW, Yamaha, Sonor, Tama or Premier New coated drumheads or mint condition One (1) Bass drum - 20'' One (1) Bass drum pedal One (1) Snare drum - 14'' One (1) Snare drum stand One (1) Rack Tom - 10'' One (1) Rack Tom - 12'' One (1) Floor Tom - 14'' One (1) Hi Hat Stand One (1) Drum Throne Four (4) cymbal boom stands One (1) Drum carpet Cymbals: Cymbals should be made by: Zildjian (K, A or Avedis) or Sabian (HHX or A) One (1) Hi Hat set Two (2) Crash cymbals Two (2) Splash cymbals One (1) Ride cymbal 2 x SCHUCO 220V power plugs EU 3m x 2m drum riser (if possible)
  • GTR + Acc GTR: Fender Hot Road de Ville or similar guitar combo Crate CA61 or similar accoustic guitar combo 2 Accoustic guitar stands 6 x SCHUCO 220V power plugs
  • BASS: Ampeg SVT-3 PRO with 4 x 10" cabinet or Eden Traveler WT550 with 4 x 10'' cabinet (or similar according to the venue) 3 x SCHUCO 220V power plugs EU
  • KEYBOARD: 1 „x" PIANO!!! Yamaha CP33, Motif ES8 or S90 digital stage piano with hard keys!!! No ALTERNATES 1 „x" NORD STAGE EX88 keyboard No ALTERNATES 2 „x" type strong Keyboard stand 1 piano bench or similar, 3 x schuco 220v plugs EU
  • Please provide 220v euro standart SCHUCO power plugs at FOH, MON and on STAGE!!!
  • SOUND SYSTEM: High quality 3 or 4 way active PA-system. The system must cover all audience areas with uniform and undistorted sound. It is important that the system is free of hum and noise. (pref: Meyer). No JBL or similar please!
  • FOH: Only digital desk are approved. 48channel Midas PRO6/PRO2, Digidesign or Soundcraft Vi4/Vi6 Intercom between FOH and MON NO LS9 or Allen&Heat iLive!!!
  • OUTBOARD: Wi/fi router, if Midas or Soundcraft, for Ipad connection
  • MONITOR SYSTEM: 11 x wedges min 350w on 6 separate mix from monitor mix. (Artist does NOT bring monitorengineer) Yamaha PM5D RH or Yamaha M7CL 6 channel wire less mono in ear systems with shure e2/e3 in ears! (pref. Sennheiser ew) Intercom between FOH and MON
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      Phone: +371 20012123

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