Lillia Kirkpatrick


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I've performed at The local Colgate Country Showdown Talent Shows 2 years in a row, County Talent Shows, the weekly talent show at the Kentucky Opry. I sang in a local studio with a band called My Brother's Keeper. I play Alto Sax and I'm teaching myself to play guitar and then piano.

In First grade when my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, without hesitation I answered "rockstar." I've been chasing this dream ever since. I draw inspiration from artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Black Lab, and I even won a Jewel sound-alike contest. I've tried my hand at guitar, drums, and mastered the alto sax when I was in the high school marching band. I like to cover artists like Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill. I can adapt my sound to a country vibe or throw some blues on you at the drop of a hat. I hope to someday be paired with someone to help me further my song writing abilities so I can sing MY music to the masses. I am a dedicated singer who would love to share my voice with the world. I am just a simple girl with a simple sound that I want to share with people beyond the scopes of talent shows in Kentucky and online music sites like Singsnap. If given the chance, I will prove my voice is worth the listen. One day I will come full circle and I will be that “rockstar” I said I'd be back all those years ago in Ohio and I will still remember all the people that rode the roller coaster with me because that's just who I am...

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

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