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hello my name is Tia and i am 12 years old!!i have too many good friends who take good care of me and supports mii in every way that they can.i love everyone who loves mii lol i am part English, Switz, Australian and french (well that's what my mum tells me)i go to Alkira secondary collage and it is very good school. i also am going to America when i am 18 to audition for Julliard in new york!!! i love to dance and love to sing. i enjoy having my friends over and partying a lot. i love how lots of my family and friends support me. I was in the national children's choir of Australia for about 4 and a half years, which i stop because my mum and i couldn't afford it anymore ($200 a term).i also played softball for a number of years with my sister, i played for the cranbourne angels, i left because it was also too expensive for my mum and now currently i am going to marshere studios in ferntree gully and i have been going there for about 2 years now and i just love it there. i have lots of friends, we do ballroom dancing (of course) and we also some marshere studios do hip hop. we socialize and get to know new people. i get to go to the balls and golden awards. we usually do the Aussies and competitions. we go to Auroras awards. (but i am a little to young to go yet and its really expensive). i go every Tuesday night and each medal day i get a trophy or i have to wait to the golden awards or balls. lol. i have 7 medals so far and that's just in Latin American. and this year (2011) i am going to start Street Latin which is suppose to be easy but i will know when i start the style. i try really hard to earn my keep and to do the best i can. well i better be heading off before this gets any longer heyy.okay bye bye xxx love ya all xx

I'm Part English, Australian, French and Switz.

dancing and singing

singer, actress and dancer

I hate when i love someone but they love someone else!!

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