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Leroya “Roya” Sanford
Comedienne, eight year old Leroya “Roya” Sanford dons the Tierra as the Princess of comedy. Born on July 30, 2002, in Los Angeles, CA to the proud parents of Terri and Lee Sanford, Leroya was not only a bundle of joy but soon became a barrel of laughs. As a toddler, Leroya would often make funny gestures and enjoyed entertaining her family members. At the tender age of four, Roya took to the stage to perform her first comedy routine during a 2006 Swimming Awards banquet and wowed the audience. It was unexpected, but when asked if anyone wanted to come up on stage and say a few words, Roya eagerly raised her hand and said, “Can I go tell some jokes?” Her parents soon realized that her gift for bringing laughter was not just a faze when at every opportunity she would run on stage to tell jokes. After multiple great reviews and a growing fan base, Roya convinced her father to allow her to widen her performance range throughout various comedy clubs in Southern California. But telling jokes is not the only thing Roya is great at. Constantly breaking barriers, five year old Roya, also an outstanding swimmer was permitted to join the Rose Bowl Swim Team even though the age requirement was seven. She is also a member of the Jesse Ownen’s Pirates Swim Team, which won the Los Angeles County (10 & Under) Water Polo Championship in the Spring of 2010, and she is now competing in the South Central Swim League & USA Swimming League. Roya has been named the golden child prodigy in the industry for her ability to stand out in everything she does. Meet Roya the pianist. Unable to afford piano lessons only fueled her desire and without prompting, or feeling sorry for her self, Roya began teaching herself how to play by reading free books and finding free online material. Her favorite classical piece to play is Canon by Johann Pachelbel and if you close your eyes when she plays “No One” you would think Alisha Keys is playing the piano in your living room. While developing her piano skills, she plays theme songs from various shows including the television series “Lost” and also enjoys giving a tribute to the Beetles by playing “Let it Be”. Always ahead of her time, Roya is working on combining playing the piano with her comedy and will soon be taking singing lessons. Roya says not only does she do stand up, but she stands up for kids all over the world who are afraid to be heard and wants to empower them to reach for their dreams no matter how big or impossible. Wanting to make a difference Roya has given inspirational speeches and riveting performances at Fundraising events for the R.E.A.L. Mentoring Academy (, and the Aquatic Foundation of Metropolitan Los Angeles, AFMLA ( where she shared the stage with World Record Holder and 2008, US Olympic Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones .
No stranger to hardship, in 2009, due to the recession Roya’s family was forced to relocate to Palmdale California making it difficult to travel back and forth to comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area. Determined to fulfill her dream as a comedian/actress and continue her academic studies in the L.A. area, Roya began spending more time in Los Angeles away from home and her mother. Despite the challenges she not only skipped a grade, but has maintained a 3.7 GPA .
Having only the support of her father along with the tiring commute and strenuous schedule of waking up at 4:30am for school, homework, swim team practice, piano and performing has taken
a toll on her and her family, but Roya says it’s worth it because she is pursuing her dreams. Destined to perform, in the spring of 2010 the Laugh Factory initially said Roya was too young to perform, but with dozens of fans waiting to see her, management allowed her to perform, and have since invited her to come back . Unstoppable Roya always manages to turn rejection into acceptance as one evening she and her father were waiting in the cold for hours after being refused entry, Roya gently smiled and said “ guys don’t discriminate against midgets do you?” then began to do a funny little person walk, causing the manager to laugh hysterically and allowed her perform. Roya’s experience as a performer has quickly risen from in house performances to numerous professional stage performances, such as; The Hollywood Improv, The Las Vegas Harrah’s Improv, The Laugh Factory, Los Angeles, The Comedy Store, Los Angeles, The Ha-Ha Comedy Club, North Hollywood, The Ice House, Pasadena, The Ebony Repertory Theater, Los Angeles, The I.O. West, Hollywood, The Oakwood Country Club, Burbank, CA. Roya continues to hone her craft and has shared the stage with Celebrity comedian/actor/ impressionist Michael Colyar, opened for actor/singer Tyrese Gibson and writer/comedian Kevin Kataoka.
Roya loves her fans and always ends every show with her famous quote, “Remember every minute spent angry is 60 seconds of happiness waisted”
Roya’s personality and delivery combined with her innocence will draw you in and keep you laughing. She has an awe-inspiring presence that captures you and won’t let you go.

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      I was attending the annual Juneteeth Celebration in Liemert Park, which is known throughout Los Angeles as the place where Black musicians, poets, artists and afro-centric thinkers hang out to express themselves. I was strolling through the area where live entertainment was happening. Suddenly, a young girl stopped me my dead in my tracks. She was on stage doing a stand-up comedy routine. At first I was quick to dismiss it as something cute, so I kept pushing but as I stood there listening and watching the crowd roll with laughter, I said to myself, something big is happening here. This child was seriously doing a professional level show.Publication: The Tennessee Tribune Entertainment Page 6ADate:

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