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SKILLS: Show Producing and Content Development along with On-Camera experience with emphasis on Subject Interviewing, Technology and Entertainment News, Research and Reporting, Character Performances, Script Writing, Voice-Over Work, Short Film Development/Performance and Television Series Hosting.

In addition, I have Public Relations, Trade Show and Forum Presentation experience plus Writing, Producing, and Performing Commercials and Television Content.

Monkey Toss TV and Alter Egos WebTV (Soon to become: "Comics, CONS & Beyond!!") and
(Owner/Writer & Host for Monkey Toss TV. Co-Creator/Co-Host/On-Camera Field Reporter for Alter Egos WebTV) Created and Developed programming which is being taped, produced and aired on the world wide web. We have covered many major events (Comic-Con International 2006 - 2013) , Spike TV's Scream Awards (2006 - 2008) and 2006 Video Game Awards along with the UFC Fight for the Marines at the USMC Air Station Miramar).

All of these have been accomplished since our launch at the Comic-Con 2006.

We are currently in the pre-planning stages for developing more content and gaining more invitations for future event coverage.

Before all of the aforementioned experience and accomplishments were ever conceived, I was a part of the Creative Team and Host for two of the twelve televised shows for "THE T CHANNEL" TECHNOLOGY LIFESTYLE TELEVISION NETWORK! In which I truly began my real-time experience performing as a Television Show Host, Subject Interviewer, Technology and Entertainment News Reporter. Performing the duties of Reading Copy, doing Voice-Over work, Fill-Ins and Character Performances.

So that is my experience and what I can bring to your Television Show/Series and/or News Cast.

Be sure not to miss my incredible interview with Mr. William Shatner! The video is located within my media, along with many other videos showing me in action!

I hope you enjoy and speaking to you soon about becoming a part of your team.

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