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Kristine L. Johnston is an established artist and photographer of 20 year years. Her intent and purpose is to express the human condition visually with her artwork. For more that 20 years, she have been capturing stories in the mediums of textiles, colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, charcoal, pen & ink. Recently she has added sculpture and mixed medium works.

My work has been presented in 1 solo exhibition, and 10 additional pieces presented in two different shows. I spent 3 years training as a graphic artist while in the Army doing layout and design for 1st Brigade, 3rd Armor Division. I also love photography. I use most of them for references for my art work.

Art and creating art in a variety of mediums. Opening a gallery presenting multiple visual artists! I also love gardening, camping, and totally love being outside....especially in the summer.

To continue push myself and my abilities as an artist, being intentional and persistent about marketing and selling my art. I want to spend several months doing come watercolor paintings using my photos for reference.

Summer has arrived! My Studio is running smoothly.

  • Artist - Photographer

    Phone: 719 499-8733
    7225 Sullivan CircleColorado Springs , Colorado 80911 United States
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  • A Christmas of Restoration, Restoration Church, Colorado Springs, CO

  • The Book of John Exhibition, Restoration Church, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Solo Exhibit, The Road Is Paved

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