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Biography - This roots rocking reggae band exudes raw talent, soul and versatility making no apologies for their obsession with music. Born in January 2008 out of a shared passion for music and a solid friendship among all members, the band consists of six members who all reside in Kingston, Jamaica.Each member, equally skilled in all genres of music plays a vital role in the band's success, they are: Andrae ‘Carlos’ Marsh band leader and keyboard player, a self taught musician with fifteen years of experience in performing for both local and international audiences, skilled in playing three instruments namely the drums, bass guitar and keyboard. Kenroy ‘Fyah Guits’ Mullings guitarist, is a graduate of the Edna Manley School of Music. An exceptionally talented guitar player with seven years experience performing for a wide variety of audiences both locally and abroad. Andre 'The Dragon' Barnes drummer, former student of the Edna Manley College of the Performing Arts is a very energetic musician. Though the youngest member of the group he is no doubt one of the most effervescent members of the band with five years of performing experience. Adrian 'Jazz Lord' Heman second keyboard player is a phenomenal musician and graduate of the Edna Manley School of Music. He has eight years of professional experience as a keyboard player and was awarded first place in the Canadian Contemporary Jazz Examination, Grade 7. Damion 'Bassline' Gordon bass guitarist and former student of the Edna Manley School of Music, is also skilled on the keyboard, lead guitar and drums, and has been playing professionally for eight years. Gavin 'Asante Amen' Walters, as lead vocalist and songwriter has penned many songs and has added harmonies to numerous others over his 9 year stint in the music business. An energetic, talented and soulful singer he completes the extra-ordinarily unique and mesmerizing sound which Kurfew provides for audiences all across Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world over. Kurfew's goal is to provide authentic, feel-good music to the masses in hopes that it will revitalize the spirit of people. Some of the band's original songs include "Mek mi rich", "Beaten", "Not for sale" and "Jah Works". The development of the band comes from their unique sound which afforded them gigs such as Sting '09 and '10, Kite Festival 2010, Carnival Time 09-10, Jamaica Vibes and TVJ's Smile Jamaica Concert where they played for numerous artistes such as Alaine, Freddy McGregor, LUST, I Octane, Tammy and Tessanne Chin, Voice Mail, U Roy and Tarrus Riley etc. Since 2011, the Kurfew Band has performed at the Layers of Soul on TVJ along with LUST as well as “A Night of Elegance” in Montego Bay, Jamaica as well as the Jamaica Jazz Blues Festival.

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    Phone: 876-360-2043
    Kingston Jamaica
    • Chosen as Jamaican Music Abassadors to the World Expo- Shanghai, China

    • The Kurfew Band had its genesis in 2008 with the six members starting out as a backing band for the likes of Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel, Freddie McGregor, Alaine, Voicemail, among countless others.While he enjoys the success Kurfew has had as a backing band, Marsh hopes to, one day, move from the background and into the spotlight with original material.Publication:
    • Kurfew Band, who backed the evening's proceedings, performed some original roots reggae, before accommodating Lymie Murray who performed Baby You Got Me, much to the approval of the females who were very attentive inside the Jonkanoo Lounge.Publication:
    • In addition to spreading love and positive vibrations through music, Kurfew is on a mission to send a message of hope.An excited Marsh further encourages: "We are really excited about this show. we have some of the best talents in the Jamaican music circuit right now on the line-up. Everyone should come join us and have a great time. Music is what we do best, it's positive, it's powerful and we aim to please our audience at all times so come out and experience a musical lockdown with Kurfew."Publication:

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